Water Treatment: Softening, Neutralizing, Iron Removal, Rust/Sediment Removal, etc


Does your water stain, does it contain sediment, is it acidic, maybe it smells bad?  These are not unusual problems exhibited by well water in the area served by K.L.Madron.  Fortunately, treatment of all water pumped from your well is possible and straight-forward.  K.L.Madron will first test your Water in Glasswater (for free) in order to determine exactly which treatment(s) are needed. 


K.L. Madron installs the finest water treatment and conditioning equipment, American-made locally by Master Water Conditioning Corporation in Pottstown.  Master Water is an outstanding local company which has been making fine water treatment products since 1967.   K.L.Madron installs Master Water treatment equipment exclusively because their equipment is well-made, reasonably priced, and does what it's designed to do very efficiently.  Master Water sells only through distributors, so K.L. Madron purchases most of its specialized equipment (including for water treatment), from Aquaflow Pump and Supply Company Bear, Delaware.

Combo 30-40



The unit pictured at right does the job of two - neutralizing and softening your water. There are eight different models for treating combinations of corrosion, hardness, iron, manganese, and chlorine. One regeneration cycle cleans the filter and softener which conserves waste water. This unit features one of the best control valve and tank warranties in the business., and there is only one control valve to maintain.  Click here for more information (free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required).         


Auto Filters (Small)


Pictured at left are automatic filters that eliminate dirt, acid, iron, and offensive tasting water.  For more information click here. This is another fine Master Water product.





Residential water softeners:Residential Water Softening Units

The Master lineup include two tank or self-contained cabinet models, ten different models for treating hardness, iron and manganese, using durable, high capacity cation softening resin, plus 6- or 7-day timer assembly to fine tune the softener's regeneration frequency.   The warranty for these fine control valve and tanks is among the best in the business.  See the Master Water brochure for additional information regarding this fine equipment and water treatment general information, from Master Water conditioning Products.

Before a recent installAfter the recent install

Pictured to the left are before & after images of a May 2013 replacement of a residential softener & neutralizer.  Typical repiping was done, i.e., the new setup was re-piped from the water discharge at the pressure tank, through the sediment filter then to the Master NS-30T water treatment unit.   The combination NS-30T unit replaced both the softener and neutralizer which were originally installed. 

The three tall containers pictured in the "before" image left are (l to r) the softener, the neutralizer, and the green solar salt container.  In the right "after" image, the lighter blue tank left is the pressure tank, then in the center is the Master Water NS-30T combination unit, then to the right is the solar salt container, which holds up to 400 pounds of salt..


Visit the Master Water Conditioning Corporation web site (click here)
(All images from Master Water Conditioning Products Company used by permission.)