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Test Drilling and Monitor Wells**


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**Information regarding pump service, estimates, and monitor wells:

All service trucks are stocked with over 1000 parts, including many sizes of pumps.  We can diagnose issues with pumps, pressure tanks, and related equipment.  Let our experts determine the cause of problems such as low pressure, low flow rate, no water, muddy water, or air in lines.  They will give you options and recommend the best solution to any water concerns you may have.

Emergency service frequently involves emergency needs for various pieces of new equipment, and Madron also warehouses some frequently needed equipment, which is purchased from long-time business partner and supplier, AquaFlow Pump and Supply Company, whose headquarter/flag ship location in Bear, DE.  AquaFlow is a family-owned business and with approximately fifty years of experience.  They are a wholesaler and as such can only sell to licensed professionals.  AquaFlow has thirteen facilities in four states - Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, plus they service the states of Virginia, West Virginia, New York, and southern Ohio.  They provide as-needed equipment on an emergency basis for Madron.  You can read more about AquaFlow via the link above or on the Links page.


If desired, a free estimate can be provided in advance for most work.  The majority of K.L.Madron's new work is drilling new wells, and in general, wells in this area will run between $4000 and $5000.  The key cost determinant is well depth, so the major part of a proposal will be the per foot depth rate.  Other information influencing the cost estimate includes needed flow rate and overall usage.  A visit to the proposed drilling site is typically needed. Madron will also estimate a needed well depth which is dependent upon its exact location on the site.  Based on the level of knowledge and experience, you can depend upon your estimate being realistic, fair and reasonable.

Monitor Wells

Monitor wells are typically indicated based on possible water contamination from such things as oil or chemical spills which leach into the soil.  Drilling of monitor wells is a tightly regulated service in the tri-state area of Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, and a properly completed permit is required in advance for each such well.  Wells to be drilled in "areas of interest" must be identified as such, for one small example, and there is a permit fee for each such well.  K.L.Madron is one of very few well drillers in this area who has the knowledge and experience needed to drill monitor wells, and he has drilled quite a few monitor wells during his career. K.L.Madron is prepared to help with all your needs in this area.


Feedback (some partial quotes from notes & letters received by K.L. Madron):

... "Ken - Thank you for your GREAT service!" 

... "We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job that you and your employees have done.  You have restored our trust in good American value of quality work, integrity, and fair price.   We will be praising your value to all of our friends. . . " 

... " Saturday we experienced an emergency of no water coming from any of our faucets.  We called the number we were given over 11 years ago and we were taken care of that same day.   Your employees John and Ken identified the problem almost immediately and set about fixing it.  They did a terrific job!.   Also want to compliment them on their knowledge they passed on to my husband. . . I would recommend your company to anyone needing such services..."

... " Thank you for your quick response.  With 3 women in the house, no water was an issue!!!"